Antique A G Shaver Ink Eraser Scraper


Antique A G Shaver Ink Eraser Scraper


4 7/8″ Overall%2C marked A G Shaver patented%2C carved bone handle has a few minor cracks%2C
Here is some info I found on them

Exhibited in 1850 and 1860. (Sixth and Ninth Exhibitions of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association%2C Boston%2C 1850%2C 1860%2C listed without an illustration). Advertised 1860 and 1861 in Harper’s Weekly and elsewhere without an illustration
According to an 1860 advertisement%2C “The blade is curved upwards%2C with sharp oval edge for erasing blots%2C marks%2C &c.%2C from paper. Convexed on the lower side%2C to give a fine polish and finish to the erased parts. The curve between the blade and the shank has a keen edge for cutting away the wood of the pencil%2C and the small serrated groove in the blade gives a neatly finished point to the lead. Some three or four different sizes and styles are manufactured%2C some of them with ornamental handles of ivory and mother-of-pearl.” (Vanity Fair%2C Oct. 20%2C 1860)

A burnisher was used to lay down the fibers raised by the erasing blade.